High Quality Brand,Iconic and Comfortable.

Never stop Dreaming .Discipline & Inspiration

Super professional & efficient in terms of customer service.

I placed an order consisting of flats, a sports bra, and a mens tank.

I have very small feet; I was personally promised a size 5 shoe which sometimes can be difficult to find. I also came to find my sports bra to be literally the comfiest undergarment I own now.The tank is also incredibly soft (yessssss).

I live in Calgary and my items were even personally delivered (contact-free; if requested) to me! I even got a bunch of extra free goodies (lanyard, stickers).

10/10, 5 Stars &10/10 repurchasing

Stay Motivated!Thankyou!

Olivia Alger
Calgary AB

Great service, fast shipping, and very reasonable prices for products of such quality! I ordered a  school bag for my daughter and received on time

Bake Manu

B.M.B inspires me to be the best that I can possibly be. TeamBmb is where you shop for quality and I just love the brand and what’s it’s stands for.BMB4LIFE

John Gislain Kibaga(Papa G)
winnipeg Manitoba

Team BMB is a Calgary gem. I got a blanket that I use all the time and a sweater that fits true to size. I highly recommend checking them out!

Amanda H
Calgary AB

About Us

Ben Kisimolo


Teambmbapparel Calgary based Clothing line (movement) .it’s a division of bmbproduction creating designs perfectly suited for your life style. Unique, high-quality clothing with a strong message to Motivate, Inspire, Build hope and Confidence .Our vision is to inspire everyone through charity and sponsorship initiatives, motivating them to believe in themselves and spread a positive message/attitude in life . follow your dream and never let anyone stop you .while wearing our clothing with confidence. Be humble – Inspire, Motivate, Create – This is our Mission Teambmb Stands for discipline and inspiration .as if you see the real can not inspire anyone .if you aren’t disciplined first , it goes through your daily life, small decisions to life or changing ideas you must first discipline yourself to follow your dreams . this is  the major Key 

Born to be Magnifique & the Best